Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Bruges

Best Movie Ever! ( besides The Dark Knight of course) In Bruges is a dark British tragicomedy and it's realy good so GO RENT IT!

Friday, April 24, 2009


YAY! I'm going home! I need time with ma seester! I feel like partying but I have a feeling to night will be kinda quiet. I have a coldsore so there will be no intense kissing of the boyfriend, but i'm so happy this week is over I might sneek one! So i'm taking psych and physics over the summer...eeek! And on a weird tangent, I was bored in guitar so I remopved my acrylics..lol what does that tell you about my attention span? Well now I think i'll put on the regualr ones and paint my nails black. (no i'm not emo, i just think it'll look cool with some of my brighter outfits.
This post is for my hunny <3 . I met Stanley when he was helping my Stepdad with lawnwork (sexy right?). I hopped in my pool and he followed :) He's a little taller than me which put's him at 5'9, and he rocks the whole blonde hair blue eyes thing. He is kinda the wild child, and he keeps me on my toes. Stanley really is a sweetheart and I adore him.

Now for my pessimistic side... Stanley is super high energy, and sometimes I wonder if I can keep up! Now for the soap opera aspect- I love my sister, and we have become best friends and co conspiritors (Nikki-she's 30) but she is VERY jealous when someone else gets my attention, so I do my best to keep hr and Stanley apart, but I hate having to dismember my life when I already live in two places!


Hai! Yay for Friday! So my mouth is starting to recover, and that's great, but the bad luck does not end there... I went shopping with my Aunt yesterday, and halfway through the first store, my stomach flips-no more shopping for me :( Then this morning, I accidentally ripped one of my acrylics off, OWW! Now for the fun stuff- today is Friday, I have study hall first, then chem, lunch, then guitar,and finally trig. (I only have 4 classes bc I'm on block scheduling- an hour and a half study hall first thing?right on!). The after that, I go to my mom's house in englewood which means that I get to spend time with my doggies and of course,my boyfriend, Stanley.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The dentist was terrible! He was really nice and gave me loads of novicaine but nothing worked to numb the actual tooth. It hurt so bad I probably woul have traded a limb in favor of having my tooth drilled. My entire face is numb including my ears...(yuk it up). I remember why i hate going to the dentist. :(

On a lighter note, that's over with for six months and summer is coming up, yay! :)

Wednesday - 12:32 pm

Hai guys! I have somehow managed to get a second (aka I skipped a class and went to the media.) to fill y'all in on the progression of my day of hell. I failed the chem test with a 56...Now; my chem teacher is great (and hilarious and that's not to mention really good looking cause he's like 25) and this is the first time I haven't gotten an A on one of his tests..so he made a show of handing me my paper. He slammed it down on my desk and gave me a playful scowl. The sucky thing is that there are only two more tests this year that I will have to round this one out.

Maybe tomorrow I can play sick and go shopping with my Aunt...

P.S. I'm still pissed because I can't go to the barn with Alex thursday... my asshole (oops! i meant father) has grounded me because someone sent me a text during dinner. (more on him later...)

Worst Day Ever....for real

Well well, the world has thoughroly screwed me over this week. My relatives just came into town, and folks, they aren't my favotie people, but they're family so what the heck, i'll let that one slide. Next up is that I am so rediculously sunburnt from the weekend! Earlier this week it wasn't so bad, but now i'm itchy and peely...eww. Then to top it all off I have a dentist appointment today. That doesn't seem like much but I am deadly afraid of the dentist, I just have a small surface cavity but I kid you not I have been driven to the edge of depression with this appointment looming over my head. Oh and from this self-induced stress, I have earned the huge cold sore that has taken over my entire upper lip :( I know I will be giddy with releif after this whole ordeal is over but right now i'm just plain miserable, and I feel bad for anyone who makes the mistake of crossing me today!

Positive first blog, eh?, I just call them as I see 'em