Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday - 12:32 pm

Hai guys! I have somehow managed to get a second (aka I skipped a class and went to the media.) to fill y'all in on the progression of my day of hell. I failed the chem test with a 56...Now; my chem teacher is great (and hilarious and that's not to mention really good looking cause he's like 25) and this is the first time I haven't gotten an A on one of his he made a show of handing me my paper. He slammed it down on my desk and gave me a playful scowl. The sucky thing is that there are only two more tests this year that I will have to round this one out.

Maybe tomorrow I can play sick and go shopping with my Aunt...

P.S. I'm still pissed because I can't go to the barn with Alex thursday... my asshole (oops! i meant father) has grounded me because someone sent me a text during dinner. (more on him later...)

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